Lufeng Qu


SFX Makeup
             X Men: First Class                                     Hell Boy II Promo

 Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas                    Wizards of Waverly Place

             X Men: First Class                     The Mummy Specail Edition - Wolf Man

                   Zombie                                           Chiclets Commercial

         Dance Flick - Fat Makeup                   Dance Flick - Gun Hand Appliances

         Dance Flick - Keliod Ear                                     Bullet Hole

              Neck Appliance                                             Bald Cap

                 Film Old Age                                         Theater  Old Age 

             Charactor Makeup                                      Charactor Makeup

              Autopsy Appliance                                       Skined Body

                Cut Appliance                                    Cut with Glass Shard

                Cuts & Bruises                                          Guinea Pigs